We can propose creative designs or work with your preferred design agency

A highly-experienced team of the best real-time graphic integrators in the business, our experts with work any graphic system on the market – and know each system’s advantages and limitations.

Combined with the Astucemedia Data Platform, custom graphics and rich-data services can be provided to suit your environment, your needs and your workflow.

Because we are well versed in broadcast graphics and the implications of data integration, we are ideally suited to design graphics that meet all of the implicit requirements.


Make your graphics come alive

Unlike the manual CG’s of just a few years ago, most of today’s systems are truly automated. They allow embedded logic, link data sources to objects, and can be driven by external systems. Astucemedia helps you find the best solution for graphics automation.

We coordinate with programmers for scene-tree structure and optimization – resulting in an impeccably smooth output.

Use your system’s existing software; or have us write custom plug-ins. Our technical team is highly-experienced using the SDK and API of many graphic engines.  Call on us for: Template & Scene creation / Template & Scene Logic / Linking Graphics to Database / Incoming Data Feeds / Programming Graphics


Comprehensive training services for your staff… around the world

Astucemedia offers complete staff training specifically for your system: in broadcast design, graphics integration and automation. Our experts train in several different languages.

We can provide training services for different groups of users, including: Designers, Integrators, Developers, Operators


The true test is how everything looks on your air.

Astucemedia gives you on-site support at the most important time of all: your on-air launch.  Having someone on-site who understands template logic, automation systems and workflow across different vendor systems is helpful.  Having that person defend your interests vis-à-vis the many different vendors is imperative.

We work side-by-side with your technical crew and design team to ensure a smooth and successful on-air integration.

We intensively test and monitor the system during launch and are available to apply any last-minute changes. Astucemedia is truly your launch partner – from inception to completion