Asharq News

Astucemedia has built the news channel’s robust graphics infrastructure that is among the most advanced in the Middle East. We delivered advanced graphics for AR, touchscreen and videowall as well as the sprawling atrium inside the DIFC facility across four floors with 26 layers comprising 1,527 LED tiles.

Alongside financial graphics, Astucemedia’s solutions for Asharq News cover finance, weather, sports, social media and other news streams as well as standard graphics elements, such as channel ident, menu boards and tickers. In addition, the broadcast technology provider delivered a world conflict scenario application, where the presenter can use the touchscreen and illustrate the scenario in the studio via augmented reality.

Building on its long-standing relationship with Bloomberg, Astucemedia provided Asharq News with a robust data platform to support more than 40 stock markets around the world with 10,000-plus security subscriptions for real-time updates. The highly sophisticated data platform displays live quotes, intraday tick-by-tick and minute data for charting, including candlesticks and heatmaps.