Al Jazeera Arabic Rebrand

AL JAZEERA MEDIA NETWORK: Truth lives in the details, from different angles, from different perspectives.

For its 25th anniversary, Al Jazeera Media Network relaunched its Arabic language channel, overhauling nearly every party of its on-air appearance. Along with 3 new sets, the network overhauled its on-air branding, motion graphics, show openers, bumpers and more.

Astucemedia created and provided the full on-air news and program branding package, including a fully flexible and versatile visual branding system that is ergonomically designed, creating greater audience touch-points and engagement, is digitally convergent, and aims to increase familiarity and trust of the brand and global brand positioning.

Astucemedia created a succinct and comprehensive modern brand that represents, supports and reinforces the journalist values and forward-thinking vision of the channel in being informative, breaking, live, friendly, interactive, revealing, edgy, authentic and trustworthy.

The philosophy behind the concept, illustrated by the blue background with gold animated version of the network’s emblem, is based on AJA’s offer its audiences: much needed freedom of thought, independence, and room for debate; offering a different and new perspective by upholding the channel’s long-term philosophy – the right for individuals to speak up.