A passion for Design, Data, Interactive & AR Graphics

Based in Montreal, Canada, Astucemedia is a pioneer in real-time broadcast graphics design and data integration. Our innovative Astucemedia Data Management Platform integrates real-time streams from multiple vendors of finance, social, sports, weather, news, and election data into a unified workflow. Its robust, dependable API adapts data-driven graphics to any real-time broadcast, Web or mobile application. We also have a world-class graphics design and creative services team to enliven data integration, interactive graphics, augmented reality, and channel branding. We continue to grow our global customer base including: Yahoo!, ABC News, Al Jazeera, CBS, FOX Sports, NFL Network, BeIn Sports, NBCUniversal, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Fusion, CBC, SRC, TF1, TFO, RTS, MTV3, TV5, RDS, MBC, Abu Dhabi TV, Saudi TV, Bahrain TV, and TRT World, among other high-profile media and entertainment companies.

We help broadcasters from the first critical decisions in selecting systems and software to complete on-site support during on-air launch.

Our philosophy is simple: we work with the most talented people in the most efficient way to guarantee our clients an extremely high level of quality and success. Our goal is to ensure each client’s satisfaction during and after a project.

We strive to provide our customers with the latest proven technology and help them keep pace with the continuing graphics evolution.


Our passion and creativity has expanded with the creation of our virtual set & augmented reality laboratory for the development of interactive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Just around the corner from the Astucemedia main office, the lab provides a traditional broadcast studio space for our creative teams while allowing us to develop the most advanced content in a high quality environment. Our studio is complete with a full chroma key set, broadcast camera tracking and jib, a multi-viewer switcher, all feeding into our real-time graphics systems.

We are able to design, develop, and deliver interactive experiences that truly enhance our clients storytelling process.




  • When we asked Astucemedia to port an existing graphic scene from one real-time rendering engine to another, we were not anticipating the port would be performed with as little guidance as Astucemedia required. Not only did your team’s developers capture the majority of the original challenges of the original scene, they also offered to rework portions that would benefit from refactoring. The end result was a reduction in scene complexity and additional flexibility. Thank you to everyone at Astucemedia that made this project a success!
    FOX Sports
  • We chose Astucemedia for this complex, challenging task because of their exceptional technical data expertise in the design and creation of live data-driven broadcast graphics as well as their unique solution for integrating and managing timely social media and online data within an existing live graphics workflow
    Tuomo Kulomaa, Head of Promotion at MTV Media
  • The Astucemedia Data Platform provided data/graphics integration that was captivating, accurate, fast and reliable. In addition, the experience of Astucemedia’s team in dealing with last-minute requirements gave us the confidence to launch our election special
    Ali El Husseini, Head of Studio Graphics, Aljazeera
  • Astucemedia also worked tirelessly alongside our UK and Abu Dhabi graphics teams to provide a huge amount of graphics in a very short period of time for what is now one of the most ambitious live graphics operations in the Arab region
    Oliver Pitkin, Broadcast Project Manager, Sky News Arabia / 2012 Channel Launch
  • I believe Astucemedia was the main reason we had such a seamless launch. They definitely helped bring our brand to life.
    Wendy McMahon, Director of Creative Services @ WBZ